About sindRe Farm and the Sindregarden kennel
 The Sindre farm is placed in the beautiful fjord district in Western Norway. At this farm the same family has been living and farming for many houndred years, may be even since the viking period. Gunnhild Sindre can track her forefathers, and -mothers, back to the 16th century here.
Gunnhild is married to Egil Syversbråten from the mountain valley Hemsedal. Together they have been running the sheep farm since 1996, and also built up the Sindregarden kennel with breeding and training of working border collies and a small dog pension. Egil has been mostly working with dog training, clinics and competitions, while Gunnhild has been working mostly with breeding, pup socializing and young dog handling. They both are in to the dog pension daily work. 
The  Sindre farm is situated in an idyllic area surrounded by mountains, woods and a little lake. 
In 1999 Egil went to Derek Scrimgeour in Lake District, England, to learn more about Scrimgeours training methods. This was the start of a  long friendship, and also the start of Killiebrae Sheepdogs at Sindre farm. Egil came back with a pup after Derek Scrimgeours Ben, and also a bitch wich were in pup with Scrimgeours legendary Sweep. This bitch, ISDS 229672 Maid, developed to be Egil's best competition dog ever. 
In 2003 he won the Norwegian Championship with her, and also got several good results in the norwegian cup as well as the Nordic Championship. At the same time, he also did very well in competitions with Tua, a strong and very fast bitch from Per Liahagen, Gol.
Maid  (left) and Tua.
Egil later qualified for the  World Trial with both Maid and ISDS 255230 Scot, another dog after Derek Scrimgeours Ben. Later he did very well with his strongest and most important mountain dog 01341/01 Sindregarens Don, a strong and very intelligent dog with an outstanding stamina by Maid and Derek Scrimgeour's Sweep. He also did well with another very talented dog, ISDS276254 Killiebrae Glen, which he lost much too early by an accident in the mountains. Lately Egil's best dog has been 07986/08 Eira, a dog breeded by Ottar Ringstad, with lines from Jaran Knives Akersborg-dogs. He also has a couple of talented young dogs with lines from Derek Scrimgeour's ben, Sindregardens Captain and Sindregardens Ben. 
Egil and Sindregardens Don ready for gathering in the norwegian mountains.
Egil has several sheep dog clinics around Norway through the year. He also runs clinic back at the farm, both for beginners and for experienced sheepdog handlers. Derek Scrimgeour has also been over for several times as an guest instructor, which has been very popular. Gunnhild and Egil in 2004 translated Derek Scrimgeour's book Talking sheepdog into norwegian (called Jobb med gjeterhunden in Norway). 
Derek and Egil at Lonscale farm.
If you are interested in our summer clinics, pleas'e don't hesitate to take contact at gunnsind@online.no 
You can find some pictures from our summer clinics here (summer clinic with Derek)  and also at this link.
As the farming is taking more of Egil's time, he has been doing few competitions the last years, but he still uses his dogs in daily work at the farm, and trains both his young dogs and the older ones  both for working in the mountains and the woods, and for sheepdog trialling.